David Fostex – Dark Yacht

Sweet smooth funk from David Fostex – a set that’s heavy both on 80s boogie modes, and some of the “yacht soul” elements referenced by the title – but which […]

Shawn Lee & The Soul Surfers

Border-breaking album by international collective featured Shawn Lee – London based American Producer/Composer/Musician – and The Soul Surfers – heaviest Russian soul/psych funk band. The result is boundless soul and […]

Young Gun Silver Fox – AM Waves

Young Gun Silver Fox are the captains of AM Waves, setting sail towards an isle where melodies soak the shoreline and grooves sway like palm trees. Their route traces a […]

The Brothers Nylon – Bitches Cold Brew

The Brothers Nylon is a collaboration between brothers Michael and Nick Rufolo from New York and famed London-based musician Shawn Lee. Living legend Shawn takes care of guitars, keys, percussion […]

Bei Bei & Shawn Lee – Year of the funky

“Year Of The Funky” is the second album from Bei Bei (荷蓓蓓) & Shawn Lee. After their debut collaborative album “Into The Wind” (Ubiquity Records, 2010), the Chinese guzheng virtuoso […]

Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Techstar

Shawn Lee is one of the most prolifc musicians of his generation. A multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer songwriter, composer and Radio DJ, he has released 35 albums as an artist to […]

Silver Fox – West end coast

Young Gun Silver Fox, aka Andy Platts and Shawn Lee, are musical sorcerers. On “West End Coast”, they’ve fashioned a fresh and modern sound that summons one of the most vibrant and influential epochs […]


The transatlantic duo AM & Shawn Lee continue their journey forward via the past, digging heavily into obscure soul, sound library and soundtracks for inspiration and re-imagine them through a […]

Shawn Lee & Tim Love Lee – New York Trouble

Library records are jewels that the keenest collectors search out. KPM is one such repository of recordings that has over 30,000 tracks in its vaults. These tracks are used throughout […]

Golden Age Against the Machine

Golden Age Against The Machine is a total passion play. A living audio love letter to The Golden age of hip-hop. For Shawn this spans the early 80s to mid […]

Zombie Playground OST

Shawn Lee, the hardest working man in the music business, was recently approached to provide some music for a zombie computer video game. So in typical Shawn Lee fashion he […]

La Musique Numerique

Sun-filled, space funk LP masterwork blending early digital technology with decade blurring songwriting that takes listeners deeper into the sonic crates from which the music was born which simultaneously expands […]

Shawn Lee – Synthesizers in space

Synthesizers in Space is a diverse, densely layered collection from a musician known for his ability to blend sunny melodies, smoky grooves and propulsive rhythms into his own inimitable sound.

AM & Shawn Lee – Celestial Electric

Celestial Electric, the first-ever collaboration by AM & Shawn Lee, marks the launch of a timely musical partnership that’s more than the sum of its already formidable parts.  Although both artists […]

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Shawn Lee’s the incredible tabla band- “Tabla Rock”

The original Incredible Bongo Band’s “Bongo Rock” is firmly cemented into musical history having provided the oft sampled  “Apache” drum break for a million and one producers to cut up.

The Superimposers – Sunshine Pops

From Bournemouth to Brixton, from Wichita, via LA, to Wonderful Sound Records. Combining a Joke Shop Manager (He was a manager of a joke shop not a….)/Car Mechanic/Fish Monger with […]


In addition to showcasing a love for 1960s and 1970s soul, Shawn Lee also steers his latest musical mystery tour into psychedelic and cinematic territory over the course of 12 […]

Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls

Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls is the collaborative project of esteemed sound scientists Money Mark, Shawn Lee, and Tommy Guerrero.


Soul In The Hole is a tribute to multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lees favorite soul sounds through the eras. Featuring guest-appearances from Paul Butler (The Bees), Nicole Willis, Darondo, Karime Kendra, Fanny Franklin, […]

Bully Original Soundtrack

Bully glorifies violence, profanity, and plain old evil behavior, but you wouldn’t know that from the soundtrack. Multi-instrumentalist and all-around musicians’ musician Shawn Lee has provided a lighthearted, occasionally eerie […]


Clutch of the Tiger sounds like a collection of film-noir tracks run through the Clutchy Hopkins and Shawn Lee magical music machine. It’s dusty and mysterious junkyard jazz that’s powered by […]


Under the Sun is a documentary film made by filmmaker Cyrus Sutton and West Coast Record and clothing label Ubiquity Records. The film features an original soundtrack by Ubiquity Recording artist […]

Shawn Lee – Soul Visa

Shawn Lee conjures up some important musical forms. His new album ‘Soul Visa’ has all the hallmarks of Lee’s auteur approach to his music. he has produced, mixed, sang & […]

Ping Pong Orchestra “Strings and Things”

  The 3rd album from Shawn Lee’s popular Ping Pong Orchestra series includes 15 brand new tracks. More developed and adventurous than the trademark shorts on previous Ping Pong Orchestra […]