NOMO and Shawn Lee team up on a new single called “Upside Down.” This collaboration came about almost by accident. NOMO’s Elliot Bergman had spent the better part of the summer building and recording electric kalimbas in Brooklyn, when label-mate Shawn Lee asked him to send over a kalimba track for his new “World of Funk” album. London-based Lee added some funky drums, bass and a smattering of steel drums, and sent it back to Bergman. When Bergman’s sister, Natalie, heard the instrumental track she decided that she had to add some vocals. She stayed up all night writing the tune and recorded the vocals in garage band. The happy result is a great groove, and NOMO’s first vocal tune in ages. It’s a track the continues the NOMO tradition of blurring the lines between indie, dance, and world music.
The instrumental version will still appear on the Shawn Lee World of Funk album. And the vocal version, for now, is only available on this single. Featured on the flip is the hypnotic sound of NOMO (sans Lee) on “Nocturne.” Super limited vinyl pressing.