Under the Sun Soundtrack Reviewed by Dusty Groove America

Shawn Lee’s always been one to revive some of our favorite grooves from the past — and this time around, he takes on the great 60s genre of the surf film — a soundtrack mode that has a lot more to offer than just Ventures and Beach Boys tunes!

Lee works beautifully here in a blend of some of the more creative American surf score modes, mixed with the best of the Aussie approaches as well — a wonderful groove that’s still as funky as Shawn’s other albums on Ubiquity, but also brings up the guitars a bit more, and spaces out the production — making for a really unique blend of instrumental gems!

Lee’s contributions number a whopping 28 in all — killer tunes that step around sonic territory that few others could touch — with titles that include “Afro Surf”, “Lava”, “Erotic Drums”, “Sweet Sixteen”, “1994”, “Murf The Surf”, “Capricorn”, “Hollisday”, “Below The Surface”, “Very Bari”, “Southern Surfer”, “Totally Tubular”, and “Nino Nino”