Tour blog

Back in London now and thinking back about the last US tour…. It was the best yet!
I have so many great memories… First show in San Francisco was one of the best of the tour. We had great coffee at both Philz and Four Barrel. Got some super dope cd’s from The Groove Merchant and hung out with Kelly & Ian from The Monophonics! Jenn Wu flew all the way up from Long Beach just to see me & Nino Moshchella perform an impromptu acoustic version of Kiss The Sky and decimated a Beef tongue burrito in the process!
First time I ever met Nino and he killed it with his live set as well. I saw my old friends Tommy Guerrero,Rob Garza (Theiv. corp.) and Andrew Jervis in addition to my London neighbour Joel who was in SF visiting. It was an amazing gig in an amazing city. LA was LA but we managed to get some folks dancing and it was great to see my old friend Fishman and Brian West at the show. Money Mark came too as well as Joey Waronker (who I finally met) ! I Saw all the Ubiquity crew in So Cal too and crushed some inspiring coffee at Intelligentsia!. DC turned out to be a lively night and we stayed at the ESL HQ where I got to perv out on their studio. Especially the Moog Cordovox! NYC was another Banger! We had amazing coffee at Blue Bottle (Love the New Orleans)! Also had a good snoop around the fantastic music store Main Drag music in Brooklyn. There was a bass there that I’ve wanted for a long time but alas it still is not in my possession! We had a loud dancing crowd at the Knitting Factory and I really enjoyed myself. My step bro Darren came out plus my good friend Bing Ji Ling and Woody too. Also, big ups to the Rufalo brothers that drove down from Upstate NY. Saw my buddies Little Barrie and Tim Love Lee at Cameo afterwards plus I met the great Charles Bradley,Thomas Brenneck & Homer Steinweiss too! We ended the tour on a real high note at Bumbershoot in Seattle. Love that town and that festival for that matter.We played to a great crowd and got a lot of love from the fans,journos and other musicians there. Big thanks to Chris for booking us. Also mad props to Weirdo Records in Boston where we all bought some amazing music and had some great Vegan chilli across the street. Sam killed it on the drums and Brett was manning the keys as always. Suffice to say It was an amazing tour! Thanks to Mia,Fingerprints Record store in Long Beach (amazing place) and to everyone that helped us and all that came out to the shows. Much musical love and see you “Down the line” !