Outlines review in WaxPoetics

Multi-instrumentalist (including massive drums) and producer Shawn Lee has been associated with countless projects. Born in Kansas and living abroad in London since 1995, Lee is known for his work with Ubiquity Records, Clutchy Hopkins (Clutch of the TigerFascinating Fingers), Money Mark and Tommy Guerrero (Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls), as well as his own Ping Pong Orchestra and his excellent solo releases, like Soul in the Hole and Synthesizers in Space. 

As one of the hardest-working dudes in the business, it was no surprise when he teamed up with California (via Oklahoma) singer-songwriter AM to record an album. The two shared a love for Italian soundtracks and ’60s psychedelic rock. The result is a blend of rock/blue-eyed soul and funky “U.K. library music” weirdness that is Lee’s signature.

Outlines, their third and most recent collaboration, will be released June 16. Having never recorded in the same room together, AM & Shawn Lee are able to get a surprisingly cohesive sound. And this newest release is their strongest to date.

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